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What Does Adoption Look Like?

The adoption process has evolved greatly over the past few years. At one time, the birth mothers were expected to end their relationship with the child, but today adoption can allow birth mothers to remain involved in the child's life, as little or as much as she chooses. 

Adoption plans are developed by the birth mother or birth parents, guided by a certified adoption agency.  Through counseling, interviews, and detailed interaction, the birth mother is able to decide the environment and specific parents that she feels would allow her baby to thrive long term.

The birth mother is able to choose an adoptive family based on her preferences such as where they live, how many kids in the family, religious background, and economic level.  There are an estimated 2 million families waiting each year to adopt.  In most instances, there is no cost to the birth mother or parents.   

Considering adoption?

Emotionally and physically, adoption can be the healthiest choice in many unplanned pregnancy situations.  However, knowing all the facts is an important first step.

Outlook Women's Services is not a licensed adoption agency, but will gladly provide more information to aid in the decision of our patients. 

For answers to frequently asked questions, visit http://impregnant.bethany.org/pregnancy-help/adoption-questions.  

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