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Parenting can be difficult at any age under any circumstances.  Outlook Women's Services offers the help you need to consider a plan to parent.

Our role is to encourage, educate, and equip our patients to be the best parents that they can be to their children.

Through our Earn While You Learn parenting program, we provide expectant and new parents with the tools and information necessary to make the best choices for the lives of both their children and themselves.

The Earn While You Learn Curriculum includes:

  • Prenatal Development
  • Pre- and Postnatal Care
  • Breastfeeding Guidance (Taught by a Certified Lactation Consultant)
  • Newborn Care
  • SIDS Prevention
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Car Seat Safety
  • Potty Training and more

Clients meet bi-weekly with a client advocate.  Upon completing their assigned lesson, parents are provided with vouchers that can be used to purchase material items at our facility.

The EWYL program is provides emotional and material support to clients, allowing them to develop skills and peace of mind as they enter parenthood.

Parents are able to attend the program until their child turns one year old.

Outlook Women's Services helps female patients who choose parenting to realistically evaluate their own circumstances and develop a plan to meet individual needs.  Additionally, we have male advocates to meet with fathers upon request.

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Outlook Women's Serives is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of Tennessee. All services are confidential and free of charge. Making an appointment helps us insure there will be somone available to serve you. Outlook Women's Services is HIPAA Compliant, according to our Notice of Privacy Practices.